A good childhood is inseparable from the company of toys. Although they have no life, they have been with us to grow up. A query data shows that plush toys are loved by parents and children for their unique characteristics.

In fabric plush toys, it is a kind of pure natural fiber. It not only has the characteristic soft texture of nature, but also its cutting and tailoring are also attracting more and more attention, because it has a great effect on children’s skin. The big connection is that if the cutting is not smooth and supple, the child picks up the toy and it is likely to scratch the skin. Everyone knows that the child’s skin is very tender and easy to get injured, so the cutting and cutting of toy materials is very important. .

Speaking of the cutting and cutting of toy materials, we have to discuss it in depth, because it is related to the fashion and quality of toys. The appearance of some plush toys is leftover burrs. If a good laser cutting machine is used, these problems are non-existent. The cutting edge of the Kato laser cutting machine is smooth and the corner curve is natural, which reduces waste.