1. Keep the room clean to minimize dust, and clean the surface of the toy with clean, dry and soft tools frequently.

2. Avoid long-term sunlight and keep the inside and outside of the toy dry.

3. After the cleaned toy is dry, use a clean comb or similar tool to comb it neatly in the direction of the fur to make the fur smooth and beautiful.

4. Check whether the internal organs of plush toys are clean and hygienic. Unqualified toy stuffing includes discarded plastics, fiber ropes, paper scraps, and even black cotton which is banned by the state.

5. The key to washing plush toys at home: For toys with few small parts, they can be hand-washed or machine-washed in warm water at 30-40℃. Neutral laundry detergent can be used for cleaning. For plush toys, cashmere detergent will have a better effect. better.

6. How to make the toy not easy to get dirty and prolong its lifespan. When buying toy glutinous rice, don’t throw it away, whether it is a paper box or a plastic bag, in case it is used for packing dust during storage. In humid climate areas, in order to prevent toys from getting wet, a desiccant can be placed during storage. Stuffed toys should be stored as far as possible to avoid backlog to avoid deformation and damage.